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RECRUITMENT COSTS Ditton HR is not a recruitment agency, we act more like an in- house recruitment team. With an agency you would expect to pay a fee of 20-25% of annual salary (for a salary of £50K this would be an agency fee of £10k-£12.5K). If the recruitment involves headhunting then they normally charge 1/3 upfront, 1/3 on presentation of shortlist and the final 1/3 on acceptance of an offer. So in these cases you could be paying £6.5k-£8k and still not successfully recruit. By using Ditton HR to support you with your recruitment, you can select from a package of services that we offer. The only additional costs will be the costs of placing the adverts (which we can obtain for you at reduced prices). This will be considerably cheaper than using an agency. We know that we provide a professional, personalised and streamlined recruitment process which will present your organisation in a great light and optimise the attraction of fantastic candidates! You can ask us to carry out the whole recruitment process or pick and choose which of the 4 packages below you wish to use, depending on your requirements and budget.

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RECRUITMENT PACKAGES Recruitment package 1 - Getting ready This package focuses on recruitment preparation, ensuring that you have identified exactly what you are looking for, and have the supporting documents ready to get started and give yourself the best chance of finding that perfect person! This package includes: Conducting a job analysis and preparing the job description/person specification. Developing a competency framework which will flow through the whole recruitment process ensuing that the successful candidate will have the right competencies for this key role and will make a perfect fit for the team. Conducting a recruitment audit of your website and candidate journey to maximise recruitment success. Preparing a recruitment pack for candidates so they are clear on the role they are applying for, the remuneration package, what your organisation does and its values and strategy. Cost: £999 + VAT.

Recruitment package 2 - Finding the right people This package focuses on the sourcing and pre-selection of candidates as follows: Advise on where best to advertise your vacancy to maximise the quality and quantity of responses. Drafting and placing of the adverts and promotion through our networks. Cost of the adverts to be covered by you, but we can get you reduced rates which are highly competitive! Adding your branded vacancy details to our Applicant Tracking System and Ditton HR website for professional and streamlined recruitment experience. Shortlisting of applications, rejecting unsuitable candidates. Conducting initial Zoom interviews with up to 8/9 candidates. Providing you with a shortlist and summary of candidates of the 4/5 top candidates. Cost: £2,250 + VAT For more senior roles we recommend that you add: Actively headhunting and reaching out to potential candidates through our combined networks. Cost: £2,950 + VAT

Recruitment package 3 - Choosing the perfect candidate! This package focuses on the selection and assessment of the short- listed candidates. This package includes: Arranging 1st interviews. Supporting you with interview structure, interview questions and other assessment tools e.g.: presentation, case study, tests etc. Arranging 2nd interviews. Attending 2nd interviews. Making the offer and turning down unsuccessful candidates. Providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates. Providing you with a post-recruitment report (where candidates were sourced from, EDI data etc), Cost: £1,750 + VAT

For more senior roles we recommend that you add: Conducting psychometric tests for final candidates. Report will include interview questions for 2nd interview, full personality report and candidate feedback report (see section below with more details). This include the purchase of the test credits from the test provider, setting up of the test on-line, emailing candidates, chasing candidates where necessary, being the contact if the candidates have any problems, the production of the reports and briefing you on the contents of the reports, if you needed this. Cost: £200 + VAT per candidate

Recruitment package 4 - Sealing the deal! This package focuses on negotiating the offer, taking up references and pre-employment checks and supporting with the onboarding of the successful candidate. This saves the manager a lot of time and they will also know that everything has been arranged for the individuals first day. This package includes: Making the offer, preparing the employment contract, taking up references and conducting pre-employment checks. Supporting you with the induction/onboarding process. Cost: £699 + VAT If you decide to use all 4 recruitment packages then we will offer you a 10% discount on the cost! Bespoke recruitment packages can also be designed specifically for you, if required. PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING Many organisations conduct psychometric tests during the recruitment process to help them assess which candidates will perform and thrive best in the role. At Ditton HR we use the 15FQ+ test which is based on the 16 personality factors identified by Cattell. The 15FQ+ measures the fundamental building blocks of personality. These provide insight into how people typically think, feel and interact in ways that may be productive or counter-productive for your organisation. It provides an in-depth assessment of a person's strengths and development needs and is a powerful tool enabling you to select the right person for key positions in your organisation. The tests are conducted online and take about 20- 30 minutes to complete. Several reports are then produced (a full, detailed report for the client, a summary feedback report for the candidate and an interview question report for the client that suggests interview questions to use to probe certain areas). I These reports are emailed over to you within 24 hours of the test deadline and we also include a Zoom call with you to discuss the results.

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To have a no-obligation conversation or to find out more please contact us at


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