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Newsletter May 2024 : Is it TIME to set up your own in-house HR department? Here’s how to do it...

It’s TIME for your own in-house HR department. This is really exciting because it means your business is ready to take its next BIG step in your growth journey.

Let’s be clear though, you’re not doing this to save

money. Hiring your own HR department is one of the costliest ways to get the HR support you need.

Instead, your company has decided to make a

strategic investment in your people and future. And by creating a happier, more productive workforce, you’ll see increased turnover and profits as a result. This is the return on your investment.

However, hiring your own HR department is no easy task. Especially when you don’t know what makes a

great HR professional. That’s why we’re here to offer our expertise to bridge the gap and to take away the stress of this task, if this is something you’ve been thinking about.

Here is our process and the steps we’d take to help you:

Step 1: Goal setting

Before you hire your team, you need to be clear on what your company goals are, what your new HR team looks like and what your expectations of them are.

Step 2: Create a People Plan and Roadmap

A People Plan is an extension of a Business Plan –it’s an important, strategic document that outlines the management and development of your HR and people.

Step 3: Hiring

Once we know what type of team and people we’re looking for, we can then go ahead and start to recruit for the position. We’ll sort everything for you: the job ad, initial screenings and interviews.

Step 4: Onboarding

The goal of onboarding is to get your new HR team to the point where they can run the show and start working on projects to achieve key objectives.

Step 5: Training and development

Throughout the hiring and onboarding process, we’ll keep a close eye on your new team to highlight any training and development opportunities that may be beneficial.

Step 6: Handing over

Once your team are ready to take over, we’ll agree a phased handing over process to ensure there aren’t any disruptions to current operations and projects.

Step 7: Ongoing support

As your new team settle in, you may have some questions or concerns. Equally, they may have some questions and concerns too. That’s why we’re here, on call, to bridge the gap and to iron anything out that may need addressing.

For a more in-depth look at how an HR consultant can help you create your own in-house HR department, visit our website to see our latest guide.

For more information please get in touch

0208 398 6599

Download the full newsletter via this link :

May Newsletter - Ditton HR
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