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Watt about appraisals?Here’s a guide on what to do!

When you employ and manage people, it’s important for you to provide regular feedback. This is typically done during an appraisal. You may call them annual reviews, personal development plans, or performance reviews. Whatever you call it, the purpose remains the same - to review an employee’s performance and behaviour, to provide constructive feedback and to hear their views on what they are enjoying at work and any areas where they may need support or development.

Providing feedback in this way is really important. Employees feel more valued, listened to, and they get to see where there’s room to progress and grow within your business. And for you, the employer, you can reward good work, discuss performance issues, and you benefit from increased engagement and loyalty from your employees.

Despite all of these benefits, lots of businesses don’t hold regular appraisals for their staff. Maybe because they don’t see the benefit, or they don’t feel they have the time, or perhaps because they don’t feel entirely confident with the process… If you don’t already hold regular appraisals, then consider whether it is time you started.

This guide has been designed to help you. It should also answer your questions and concerns along the way, but if after reading it you still want to know more, as always, we’d be happy to help.

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Guide to Appraisals
Download PDF • 3.43MB

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