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Newsletter September 2023 - Want to make GREAT business decisions? Ways HR analytics can help

Your workforce is the greatest asset your business has. And it’s your workforce that helps you achieve your business goals, or not. But there’s a disconnect between how you manage your team and how you run the business. Why? Because you don’t have any insights. You’re making really important decisions about your workforce based on gut feeling and none of it is evidenced by data. This is how HR analytics can bridge that gap and help you make GREAT business decisions supported by evidence.

Here are just three ways HR analytics can help:

1. You can understand how employee engagement impacts staff retention, turnover and absence. Recruitment, training and absence are HUGE costs to the business. But all of these things can be managed and avoided by understanding the reason why people leave and don’t turn up. When you bridge this gap, you could also forecast who is likely to leave in the future. Very clever.

2. You can understand if learning and development schemes actually work. Okay, so you know you need to ‘invest’ in your team. But does that investment actually help improve bottom line or are you just throwing £££ down the drain. Again, HR analytics will evidence what training is required and will be able to track if and how it has benefitted the business. Helping you make SMARTER decisions in the future.

3. Your HR team (the people who manage your biggest asset) can become strategic partners. Probably the most important one here. HR analytics will enable your HR department to become the most powerful strategic partner you could wish for. Your HR team can unlock the potential in your workforce and help you achieve business goals more affordably and faster.

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Download and read the whole newsletter here:

Newsletter September 2023
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Read aboiut how Analytics can help your business:

Watt About HR Analytics_
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