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June 2023 Newsletter - Are you doing all you could be to support working parents?

Parents have it tough these days, and not just when they’re trying to wrestle screens away from their children! More families than ever have both parents working – the cost of living means being a stayat-home parent is unrealistic for most. Dealing with work commitments and home life can become a delicate balancing act. Not

to mention the spiralling cost of childcare that many families have to fork out for. Although the government has plans in place to give more parents access to free childcare, these won’t come into force until September 2025. That doesn’t help anyone right now.

Traditionally, some employers have shied away from hiring parents under the impression they’re unreliable, unfocussed, or uncommitted. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Times are changing, and businesses are seeing that the positives of hiring parents far outweigh the negatives. If you have the right company culture that is. So, what can you do to cr

eate a family-friendly business culture and attract and retain new talent in the shape of working parents? First, you need to be aware of the leave, benefits and entitlements that apply to parents. These can be relevant to anyone from the moment they’re expecting, to the time their youngest child turns 18. They also apply to cases of adoption, surrogacy, LGBTQIA+ families, and in cases of pregnancy or neonatal loss.

You should also look at other ways you can support parents, by considering flexible working arrangements (which can apply to everyone, not only parents), and other perks you may be able to offer to help strike a good work/life balance. The more you do to support working parents, the more you’ll see in return. It’s likely you’ll see more engaged, motivated, and productive employees who are happy in their roles and will stay with you for years to come. Supporting parents can be simple if you understand the help that’s available to both your business and its employees.

I’ve written a new guide that details everything you need to know about parents and the help available, as well as the laws you need to be aware of. I’d love to offer you a free copy. If you would like one, please email me at or for more information or advice, give me a call on 0208 398 6599

Read more in the June Newsletter - download here

June 2023 Newletter
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