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10 HR Stats to Take to the Board

Reporting on workforce statistics has never been so important. In the everchanging business world, data-driven evidence needs to be used to make all kinds of decisions, especially in HR. From headcount and recruitment to employee satisfaction and engagement, HR professionals are accountable for presenting accurate and up-to-date employment data to the Board, in order to aid future company planning. The information HR provides to top management not only affects business fundamentals – such as financial performance – but also ensures compliance with sector-specific laws or regulations, such as security or health and safety requirements. Therefore, regular reporting of this information can determine whether you’re operating as you should be, placing you in a good position for any future audits or reviews. Although the types of reporting and benchmarking for each organisation will be affected by variable factors – such as size, industry, and company-specific roles, for example – we think there are some universal top stats that business leaders should have an eye on. In this guide, COO and co-founder of Natural HR, Sarah Dowzell, and Claire Watt, chartered (FCIPD) director at Ditton HR, will outline the top 10 stats to take to the boardroom in 2023 and beyond.

10 HR stats to take to the board
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