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Ditton HR Outplacement Programmes


At Ditton HR we are constantly listening to and adapting how we work with our clients to provide a range of outplacement support tailored to different needs and budgets. We therefore offer three different outplacement programmes depending on the needs of the organisation and the individual as follows:

  1. Career Jumpstart: The one off in-depth session is for individuals who are clear about what career/next role they are seeking but need practical feedback and support from a professional career coach to develop an effective job search strategy in the volatile job market.

  2. Career Transition: The three session programme is for individuals who require support from a professional career coach to identify what they want from their next career move and what action they need to take to make it happen in the volatile job market. 

  3. Career Transformation: The six session programme is for individuals who want to pause and reflect on their longer-term career aspirations before making their next move. In-depth support is provided from a professional career coach to review who they are, what they want and how to match this with their best fit career options in the volatile job market.

Outplacement Services

An outplacement programme is a key benefit that an organisation can offer to support an employee following redundancy. Outplacement is delivered by a professional career coach who works with a departing employee to help them to obtain a new job or transition to a new career.

Benefits of outplacement to the organisation

  • Promotes long term loyalty to the organisation and its brand

  • Leaves the door open for re-hiring at a future date

  • Demonstrates a duty of care to all employees

  • Increased retention of existing staff and therefore lower talent acquisition costs

  • Offers practical and tangible support to employees whose roles have been made redundant


Benefits of outplacement to the employee

  • Psychological support to re-build self-confidence by focusing on strengths

  • Understanding of how to leverage unique skills and experience to attract a potential employer

  • Access to reference sources to support a job search

  • Identification of career opportunities in the VUCA climate

  • Practical support with job applications and recruitment interviews and assessments

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