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Noelle Davies

Workplace & Employment Mediator (MSoM, MA, FCIPD)

Noelle Davies is a workplace and employment mediator with 20 years experience in operational and global HR. She resolves workplace conflict with mediations and coaching, independent investigations together with relevant conflict related training.

The aim of mediation and conflict coaching is to help participants listen, articulate critical points and move forward. Addressing conflict or disputes as early as possible will lead to quicker and easier resolutions in a far more cost effective manner than time spent on grievances, lost staff hours or in the worst case scenario, employment tribunals.

As an experienced HR professional, Noelle is well versed in all aspects of workplace disputes and investigations from compensation to reorganisations and strategic disagreements. Furthermore, after two decades of managing and supporting conflicts in a major corporate, Noelle is excited to be able to support diverse industries and companies to deal with conflict in new and constructive ways.

Noelle Davies
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