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The core difference between workplace and employment mediation is that workplace resolves disputes over bullying, harassment, victimisation and personality clashes between work colleagues, whereas employment mediation resolves disputes over employment conditions, pay, contracts, grievance and discipline procedures, unfair and constructive dismissal between employers and employees.

Conflict arises because of differing personalities, backgrounds, cultures or values, it can also arise due to delivery pressures in the workplace or outside of the workplace as we have seen with COVID in 2020. Even with the best leadership ability or timely actions conflict of various levels can become evident.

We can help by holding 1-1 sessions with the employees so they can explain the situation and their perspective. By starting with this view, they own the process and articulate what the key issues are; looking forward, they start to consider ideas and solutions. This means that solutions and settlements are more likely to be successful and durable.


We then help parties consider joint interests and by working with both sides (either together or shuttle), will draw out the key issues and reality test ideas.


The key to settling a dispute is to help participants listen, look beyond the issues and instead focus on common ground in a safe and confidential environment reminding all the time about their ownership. 

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