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HR Support Packages

Outsourced HR packages to suit all types of businesses.

Our aim is to provide your organisation with quality, affordable HR services. We offer a range of payment options to suit every organisation’s size and budget.



This allows you to access HR support when you need it. Pay-as-you-go is suited to smaller organisations where funding is tight and it is difficult to know how much HR support will be needed.


Pay for a project


This option might suit you if you have a specific project you require us to conduct and you want to know the cost upfront e.g. designing, running and reporting on an employee survey, conducting an HR audit or designing and running a training workshop. A quote would be provided for this work in advance.


Retained Service


If you need frequent and ongoing support of at least five hours per month our retained service may be most suitable as it helps you plan and budget. We will discuss your needs and agree a monthly retainer with you in advance, so you know what you will pay each month. The monthly retainer will guarantee you HR support for a certain number of hours a month at a discounted rate.


Please contact us to discuss which HR support package suits your needs the best.

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