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Johanne Penney

LLB (hons) Law - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Johanne Penney is a senior executive leader whose work experience spans over 20 years advocating for equality and diversity. Johanne runs EDI training workshops for Ditton HR.

In 2020, after seeing a gap in education around ‘Black lives matter’ (BLM) in corporate companies and the cry for collaboration with individuals, she used the lockdown period in Covid as a reset button, realised her dreams and set up her own anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy called ‘Amp Up Your Voice’.

Johanne is unapologetic in her passion to achieve real equality for Black, minority and ethnic groups. She believes this is the time where progressive companies and individuals can collectively shift the dial and make fundamental, tangible change which is so desperately needed. Johanne runs EDI training workshops for Ditton HR.

Johanne Penney
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